TISCOSKU: 1024481M91 | Minimum Purchase Quantity: 1

Ignition coil. For 6 volt systems with or without external resistance. For 12 volts systems WITH external resistance. Tractors: Pony, TEA20, TE20, TO20, TO30, TO35. Combines: 72, 82, 92. Replaces K7325, DELCO 1115380, 1115381. contains : 1 ignition coil. D4PE12029AA, 1 coil bracket CB1 WHITE EQUIPMENT: Tractors: White G1000 Vista, G1050, G1350, G1355, G750, G900, G950, G955, Jet Star 3 Super, M670, M670 Super, 700, 880, 1550, 1555, 1650, 1655, 1750, 1755, 1850, 1855, 1870, 2155, 2270, 2655, 2-62, 2-70, 2-78, 4-78. Replaces K7325, DELCO 1115380, 1115381.
Sale price$20.85
In stock (116 units), ready to be shipped
Interchange 1010336M91,1024481V91,1115380,1115381,181542M91,20-0000202,225694,29118,303014967,30-3014967,30-3143686,450355A,70247333,704881,A 25262,A1024481M1,A-1024481M1,A21A552,A-21A552,A25262,A303014967,A-303014967,A70247333,A-70247333,AAR46064,A-AR46064,AM373T,AR46064,CR6005,IG60015,K7325,TPAM373T,TP-AM373T
Net Weight (lbs) 1.52
Make Type Model
Case Tractor 200B
Case Tractor 300
Case Tractor 300B
Case Tractor 310
Case Tractor 320
Case Tractor 350
Case Tractor 351
Case Tractor 400
Case Tractor 430
Case Tractor 435LCK
Case Tractor 440
Case Tractor 441
Case Tractor 450
Case Tractor 470
Case Tractor 480CK
Case Tractor 500
Case Tractor 500B
Case Tractor 530
Case Tractor 570
Case Tractor 580CK
Case Tractor VA
Co-Op Tractor E2
Co-Op Tractor E3
Co-Op Tractor E4
Co-Op Tractor E5
John Deere Tractor 1010
John Deere Tractor 1020
John Deere Tractor 2010
John Deere Tractor 2020
John Deere Tractor 3010
John Deere Tractor 3020
John Deere Tractor 320
John Deere Tractor 330
John Deere Tractor 40
John Deere Tractor 4010
John Deere Tractor 4020
John Deere Tractor 420
John Deere Tractor 430
John Deere Tractor 440
John Deere Tractor 50
John Deere Tractor 520
John Deere Tractor 530
John Deere Tractor 60LP
John Deere Tractor 620
John Deere Tractor 630
John Deere Tractor 70
John Deere Tractor 70LP
John Deere Tractor 720
John Deere Tractor 730
John Deere Tractor B
John Deere Tractor M
Massey Ferguson Combine 26
Massey Ferguson Combine 27L
Massey Ferguson Combine 60
Massey Ferguson Combine 70
Massey Ferguson Combine 72
Massey Ferguson Combine 80
Massey Ferguson Combine 82
Massey Ferguson Combine 90
Massey Ferguson Combine 92
Massey Ferguson Combine Super 92
Massey Ferguson Forage Clipper 2
Massey Ferguson Forage Clipper 20
Massey Ferguson Hay Baler 1
Massey Ferguson Tractor 202
Massey Ferguson Tractor 204
Massey Ferguson Tractor 302
Massey Ferguson Tractor 303
Massey Ferguson Tractor 304
Massey Ferguson Tractor 35
Massey Ferguson Tractor 356
Massey Ferguson Tractor 402
Massey Ferguson Tractor 404
Massey Ferguson Tractor 50
Massey Ferguson Tractor 65
Massey Ferguson Tractor 85
Massey Ferguson Tractor 88
Massey Ferguson Tractor Super 90
Massey Ferguson Tractor TE20
Massey Ferguson Tractor TEA20
Massey Ferguson Tractor TO20
Massey Ferguson Tractor TO30
Massey Ferguson Tractor TO35
Massey Ferguson Windrower 34
Massey Harris Tractor 101 Jr
Massey Harris Tractor 11
Massey Harris Tractor 16
Massey Harris Tractor 21
Massey Harris Tractor 22
Massey Harris Tractor 22K
Massey Harris Tractor 23
Massey Harris Tractor 23K
Massey Harris Tractor 30
Massey Harris Tractor 30K
Massey Harris Tractor 33
Massey Harris Tractor 333
Massey Harris Tractor 333K
Massey Harris Tractor 44 Special K
Massey Harris Tractor 44 Special L.P.
Massey Harris Tractor 444
Massey Harris Tractor 444K
Massey Harris Tractor 444L.P.
Massey Harris Tractor 44-6
Massey Harris Tractor 44-6K
Massey Harris Tractor 44L.P.
Massey Harris Tractor 55
Massey Harris Tractor 555
Massey Harris Tractor 555K
Massey Harris Tractor 555L.P.
Massey Harris Tractor 55L.P.
Massey Harris Tractor MH44
Massey Harris Tractor MH50
Massey Harris Tractor Pony
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G1000
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G1000 VISTA
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G1050
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G1350
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G1355
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G750
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G900
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G950
Minneapolis Moline Tractor G955
Minneapolis Moline Tractor Jetstar 3
Minneapolis Moline Tractor Jetstar 3 Super
Minneapolis Moline Tractor M670
Minneapolis Moline Tractor M670 Super
Oliver Tractor 1550
Oliver Tractor 1555
Oliver Tractor 1650
Oliver Tractor 1655
Oliver Tractor 1750
Oliver Tractor 1755
Oliver Tractor 1850
Oliver Tractor 1855
Oliver Tractor 1870
Oliver Tractor 2155
Oliver Tractor 2270
Oliver Tractor 2-62
Oliver Tractor 2655
Oliver Tractor 2-70
Oliver Tractor 700
Oliver Tractor 880
White Tractor 2-62
White Tractor 2-70
White Tractor 2-78
White Tractor 4-78

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