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This water pump Fits Models 4390, 4390T, 4391, 4391T, 6591T, 65917A. PX70 and multiple other Case IH models.
Sale price$69.78
In stock (8 units), ready to be shipped
Interchange 1706-6208,303456242GV,30-3456242GV,3286278,903191,943657,A77703,A77703GV,
Net Weight (lbs) 6.04
Make Type Model
Case Backhoe 850K
Case Crawler 1150E
Case Crawler 450C
Case Crawler 455C
Case Crawler 550H
Case Crawler 650G
Case Crawler 850D
Case Crawler 855D
Case Excavator 1088
Case Excavator 688
Case Excavator 888
Case Forklift 584E
Case Forklift 585E
Case Forklift 586E
Case Skidsteer Loader 1840
Case Skidsteer Loader 1845C
Case Skidsteer Loader 75XT
Case Skidsteer Loader 85XT
Case Skidsteer Loader 90XT
Case Skidsteer Loader 95XT
Case Tractor 1896
Case Tractor 2096
Case Tractor 480E
Case Tractor 480ELL
Case Tractor 480F
Case Tractor 480FLL
Case Tractor 570LXT
Case Tractor 580 Super E
Case Tractor 580E
Case Tractor 580K
Case Tractor 580L
Case Tractor 580SK Super K
Case Tractor 580SL Super L
Case Tractor 590 TURBO
Case Tractor 680K
Case Tractor 680L
Case Tractor 780D
Case Windrower 8850
Case IH Combine 1620
Case IH Combine 1640
Case IH Combine 1644
Case IH Combine 1660
Case IH Combine 2144
Case IH Combine 2344
Case IH Cotton Picker 1800
Case IH Cotton Picker 1822
Case IH Cotton Picker 1844
Case IH Cotton Picker 2022
Case IH Cotton Picker 2044
Case IH Power Unit 4390
Case IH Power Unit 4390T
Case IH Power Unit 4391
Case IH Power Unit 4391T
Case IH Power Unit 4391TA
Case IH Power Unit 6590
Case IH Power Unit 6590T
Case IH Power Unit 6590TA
Case IH Power Unit 6591T
Case IH Power Unit 6591TA
Case IH Power Unit PX70
Case IH Power Unit RP135
Case IH Power Unit RP165
Case IH Sprayer 3150
Case IH Sprayer 3185
Case IH Sprayer 3210
Case IH Sprayer SPX3310
Case IH Tractor 5120
Case IH Tractor 5130
Case IH Tractor 5140
Case IH Tractor 5220
Case IH Tractor 5230
Case IH Tractor 5240
Case IH Tractor 5250
Case IH Tractor 9110
Case IH Tractor 9130
Case IH Tractor MX100
Case IH Tractor MX100C
Case IH Tractor MX110
Case IH Tractor MX120
Case IH Tractor MX135
Case IH Tractor MX150
Case IH Tractor MX170
Case IH Tractor MX90C
Case IH Windrower 6000
Case IH Windrower 6500
Case IH Windrower 8820
Case IH Windrower 8825
Case IH Windrower 8825HP
Case IH Windrower 8830
Case IH Windrower 8840
Case IH Windrower 8850
Case IH Windrower 8870
Case IH Windrower 8880
Case IH Windrower 8880HP
White Tractor 100
White Tractor 120
White Tractor 125
White Tractor 140
White Tractor 145
White Tractor 60
White Tractor 6124
White Tractor 6125
White Tractor 6144
White Tractor 6145
White Tractor 80

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